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EZ Car Parks' outstanding customer support team offers solutions to repair and change tires. It's no longer a problem to make the transition between summer and winter, we make the tire change EZ for you.
Contact our service shop. Trust our EZ Car Park professionals and specialized equipment to repair or change your tires.
Don't let your air pressure get low or your steering wheel wobble because of unbalanced tires. Enjoy a safe, comfortable and stable ride.

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Find useful information on the side of your tire: 205/60, R16 80S.
"205" refers to the width of the tread of the tire in millimetres, so this tire is 20.5 centimetres wide.
The "/60" indicates the wall height using a percentage of the width of the tire, in this instance it's 60% of the tire width.
"R16", the 'R' indicates the radial structure of the tire, '16' means it's a 16-inch tire.
"80S" refers to the weight and speed limit of the tire.

A winter tire has the following markings: "M+S" or "M&S" (Mud & Snow) complete with snowflake motif.
There are no special markings for the summer version.
The winter tire tread is heavily grooved, as if it were serrated! These biting edges grip the snow.
This prevents the tire tread from filling with snow.

Tires also contain energy labels on a scale from A to G, indicating fuel efficiency, traction on a wet surface and the noise level of rotating tires in dB.