rechargeable parking card

We've made a prepaid card available for you to make electronic payments, so that with one prepaid card you can easily enter any of our Care Park Car Parks in downtown districts without having to pay any additional fees!

Request an Care Park Car Park prepaid card! With a prepaid Chip card you can park at our Care Park Car Parks for very affordable prices!
As you approach the exit with your vehicle, our technical system detects your prepaid card and the gates open automatically. It's enough to put just the amount on the card that suits your parking needs and routines.
You can fill up your card with ease at our car park automated payment terminals. One of the biggest advantages of the prepaid card is that with the amount on the card you can conveniently park at any of our Care Park Car Parks. With a prepaid card you don't have to stand in line at the automated payment terminal as you leave, and we will only deduct from your card the amount corresponding to the actual time you were parked.

Car Parks where prepaid cards may be used:
Care Park Opera Car Park
Care Park Székely Car Park
Care Park Holló Car Park
Care Park Akácfa Car Park

Order your personal prepaid Care Park Car Park card, and take advantage of the best Care Park Car Park opportunities-