It's important for us to offer supplementary services to our Care Park Car Park service so motorists can drive well maintained, reliable cars on the road.
From time to time maintenance issues arise, when that happens we will help you solve them at our Care Park Car Parks.

Reach your destination on time, without technical difficulties!

At our Care Park Car Parks we take care of you, your vehicle and everyone else on the road.
Experienced and cooperative specialists and services are at your disposal!

Reliable, well maintained cars for a trouble-free drive!
Prevent problems from occurring by doing vehicle maintenance at Care Park Car Park car service.
Drive and park your car in complete security!

Did your car break down? Does it need to be serviced? Is receiving an unscheduled vehicle check important to you?
Repairs and maintenance upon request!

Care Park Car Parks well equipped services will help solve any possible technical problems!

Care Park Car Park Garages:

Take advantage of Care Park Car Park car repair services, offered at Care Park Opera Car Park !
Don't have time for your car because of your busy schedule? At your request we'll return your car with State inspection permits. Prepare your vehicle for inspection with quick minor repairs.

Technical inspection, Certificate of Origin
1066 Budapest, Zichy Jenő u. 9
Open: MON-FRI: 8am - 4pm
Tel: +36 20 590 3238, +36 20 5 15 25 15

Are you looking for a reliable, quality and helpful car repair service in downtown Budapest? At Care Park Holló Car Park You are in the right place!
Downtown Car + Doctor, Holló u. 6
Our car repair service has been serving customers for eight years. In addition to daily maintenance we perform oil changes, brake service, change timing belts, major repairs even a complete engine overhaul!

1075 Budapest, Holló utca 6.
Tel.: +36 20 916 11 11
Open: MON-FRI: 7am - 6pm, SAT: 8am - 1pm

Care Park Kertész Car Park offers Mezcon car repair shop with trained technicians who perform fast and precise work designed to meet your expectations.
We offer vehicle and engine repairs for all makes and models. Periodic maintenance, technical support, oil change, brake service, balancing, fleet management, technical inspection, certificate of origin, computer diagnostics, body shop, paint service, air conditioner recharge.

1073 Budapest, Kertész utca 24-28.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 7:30am - 5:00pm
Tel: +36 30 299 8900, +36 1 404 5825