credit card

At Care Park Car Park we understand that our customers expect to pay fast with a credit or debit card using the maximum security. To pay parking fees there's no need to go looking for an ATM, pull out cash or even have cash on you. That's a thing of the past, at Care Park Car Parks you can pay with a credit or debit card.

Paying with a card means the bank doesn't charge a fee, it's usually free, but withdrawing cash from the ATM will cost you.

Our credit card readers are top-of-the-line Ingenico brand, making them simple for our customers to use. Thanks to one-touch technology our customers can pay with a single touch and faint beep.

Payment with bank cards:
- our customer service enters the charge,
- you check the amount!
- if using the one-touch card press it against the terminal screen, if it's a chip card place it into the reader, if using a magnetic strip slide it through the reader,
- follow the instructions on the terminal,
- enter your PIN or sign,
- the terminal will confirm the transaction,
- the second receipt is yours along with the sales invoice.

We accept both VISA and MasterCard.

At Care Park Car Parks pay your parking fees securely and conveniently!