coffee shop and snack bar

Are you travelling, need to be somewhere on time, then there's no time for sitting around leisurely in a restaurant!
Would you like fast service that just takes a couple of minutes! At an Care Park pace?

We know the solution for you, it's in our Care Park Car Parks! Choose us and our offers!
We'll help you to navigate among the most popular buffets, cafés and snack bars, where you'll find tempting aromas and delicious food.
Take advantage of the Care Park Car Park dining experience!
Did You Know? Only a few healthy steps away from the entrance of the Care Park Opera Car Park is a pilgrimage to the Holy Grail of fried bread, in its original recipe. Have you already tried it?
French toast next to a cheese omelette in the Chagell Cafe, and get an Care Park Car Park discount too!
The Care Park Kertész Car Park provides grilled cheese sandwiches not only for local students, but for those coming from other city districts as well!
The Care Park Székely Car Park offers pastry that even Parisians would find hard to top!
Legends are made in the Gozsdu Passage restaurants next to the Care Park Holló Car Park!
Are you a baguette lover? Then there's the Care Park Weiner Car Park! It offers a Thai Buddha Restaurant & Sandwich Bar.
Put some Hamdi puff pastry in your bag for your journey, but a word of caution, it'll knock you off your feet! It'll be Care Park to find your way back!
The street where you find the Care Park Akácfa Car Park has undoubtedly the best gyros in Budapest!
It's open 24/7 and the service is fast. Their success lies in a treasured special original marinade recipe. Of course, customers can't leave without having a famous baklava.
Ask for more details at EZ Car Park locations!