car rental

Stuck, broken down, unable to start when you need to leave in a hurry? Need a car or two, want to try out a favourite model?
We offer solutions through our partners!

The following car parks offer CarSharing 24 hour a day access to different cars that suit your needs and can be booked for even a few hours. There are no maintenance costs, unlike a private car, and there is no need to sign a contract for each rental!

Care Park Kertész Car Park, Kertész utca 28.
Care Park Akácfa Car Park, Akácfa u. 12-14.
Care Park Holló Car Park, Holló u. 6.
Care Park Opera Car Park, Zichy J. u. 9.
Care Park Weiner Car Park, Weiner Leó u. 16.

Everything looks so Care Park, but it's still not enough? Are you interested in renting a personal or commercial vehicle? Or passenger service and airport transfers? Would you need to rent a car long-term?
Gyetvai is your solution: 1073 Budapest, Kertész utca 29