24-hour dispatching service

The Care Park Car Park dispatch service is available 24 hours a day providing parking solutions, instant assistance and information. Dispatch service is available 24 hours a day, we can be reached at any time, and we’re waiting for your call. Contact our dispatch service any time if:

  • you don't find a parking space in downtown Budapest,
  • you need directions on the shortest route to your parked car,
  • there is no time to make an on-line parking reservation,
  • you would like an available parking space at any time,
  • you need a problem solved,
  • you're interested in one of our special offers,
  • every minute counts and you want the best solution immediately,
  • your unique needs require a fast solution,
  • you're interested in our additional services (car wash, car repair, car rental, bike rental, chauffeur, etc.).

Call our customer service any time, if you are interested in parking in downtown Budapest, looking for a parking space or other convenient amenity.

Contact us 24/7:
Telephone: +3613025366
Mobile: +36204876755

Call or write to have your wishes granted!