Sunny Car Wash

Sunny Car Wash- manual car wash
12-14 Akácfa street, 7th district Budapest
Opening Hours:
Phone number: +3620 2300 662
János washes cars with great care and thoroughly for almost 20 years now.
Cars that have been washed in the Sunny Car Wash will shine for a long time.
This is just the routine of this manual car wash.
Maybe the reason, there has not been a complaint is that János himself guarantees the precise work.
Shining, new-looking cars are driving out from his hands.
In the winter season with all the snow, freezing rain, and chilly days car owners do not even realise how much a wash can contribute to the longevity of their cars.
János works hard without question and helps to protect everyone’s car against corroding pieces, chemicals, salt, oil, and possible crustation of tar.
Before any car comes out from the Sunny Car Wash, he checks one last time the appropriate tyre-pressure, the oil level of the engine, the level of the windscreen washer, the condition of the air filter, the navigation system, the break, and the start.
Coming out from the Sunny Car Wash you can sit in your car not only ready for driving but pleasantly looking as well.

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