mobilization - get ready for the Challenge day!

Motivation – Challenge Day
Are you ready? The Challenge Day is day by day closer!
Mark your calendar – 31st May 2017.
Run with us on the stairs of the Opera Parking House.
On this day you will be not alone, more than 1,5 billion people will do the same as you will do – doing sport – but how? Let’s you be inspired and choose a creative way of sport.
EZ Parking Houses together with the local government, citizens and car owners, young and elder people as well as the official organiser Free Time Sport Association support this event with lots of free programs.
The official program of Challenge Day at the EZ Parking Houses is not the only one in the country, you can join the event in several cities as well alone, with friends or even with your company.
Leave your old life behing you and be active for a day as a start!.
The Challenge day is a world wide organisation was founded in 1995 with the aim of motivation of physical sport and activity.
Your nomination is also counted!
Everyone can register even arriving on the scene and you will be welcomed to all the locations of EZ Parking Lots.
Be active, you have nothing to loose but to win!
You can change your life for a day as a start, and then? It is up to you! The Challenge day and the EZ Paking Houses will support you to make the first step!
More types of sports you can choose from and the greatest results will also be announced!.
The biggest challenge will be the stairs running at the Opera Parking House. Different results will be measured – end and part results as well (between floors), you can run alone or in groups well.
The EZ Parking House Challenge day will be unique with a lot of free programs, too:
- Zumba
- Rollchair run
- basketball in roll chairs
- pingpong
- Wheeltyre change
- Wheeltyre carrying
If yiu would like to support our event, you can share our posts, photos, programs and our daily activity on #kihivasnapja #ChallengeDay
We are open to welcome all kind of free programs, sport show in concerned with being fit and the healthy life.
Let’s go and be with us on 31st May!


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