Küzdelem a parkolásért

The great struggle over parking

For the citizens of Budapest finding an available parking space is a daily struggle.

In downtown, everyone is continuously looking for parking spaces and not everyone can find one.


The life of a car owner is not easy; in terms of parking is it is rather a constant failure.

Current fuel prices today, according to holtankoljak.hu:

98 petrol 359.9 HUF. mean price at petrol stations: 379 HUF. max.: 414.9 HUF

95 petrol 343.9 HUF. mean price: 366.5 HUF. max.: 414.9 HUF

Diesel oil 355.9 HUF. mean price: 376.1. Max.: 418.9 HUF/ litre


On the downtown inner annulus, the traffic is usually much slower.

Cars always have to stop because of the red lights on the big boulevard and at the crossroads, traffic lights and rickshaws are making loading particularly difficult. (kozut.bkkinfo.hu)

While turning right, usually pedestrians are crossing the road as well.

At the same time, bicycles are allowed both on the wide boulevard and in the small one-way roads where they are changing lanes suddenly and thus frequently detain the line of cars from smooth passing.


Finding a free parking space for cars is similar to hunting.

A type of struggle without the fundamental war rules. One against all.

A car owner in Budapest knows this. They have to face and experience it on a daily basis.

60% of all car owners believe that they have to fight severely for good parking spots.


Someone who is a bit more aggressive cannot even bear the thought of this struggle and often leaves their car in a position that blocks other vehicles and pedestrians to pass next to it often for a considerable amount of time. (studies show that buses have stop because of these drivers at least 3 times daily)

Above all, there are drivers who are more than relaxed. They manage to park in the designated areas in a way so they take up 2 places at once with the same car.


It can be also annoying when cars park on the sidewalk in a way that blocks the free walking of the pedestrians. It is a riddle why they are not just jump over the cars.


Studies also show that for young people, aged 25 and below, the parallel parking causes the greatest problem.

For people above 45, the illegal parking is something they would most likely avoid.

54% of the drivers would never choose a parking space from where it will be difficult to come out later. They would rather go somewhere else.

The majority of the surveyed car owners would fine or forcibly remove the cars that are parking illegally. 10% would even withdraw the car and its owner from the traffic.

However, the same 10% would do anything to protect their parking space by any means.

For example, they would use refuse bins and other ‘creative’ tools to make it impossible for others to park there.

58% would like to park in front of their apartment because it is obviously truly irritating when they have to go further because all of the spaces are gone.

27% of them claims that only they have the right to park in front of their homes and no one else.


The EZ Parking Garages know that parking is indeed a social problem and sympathize with the drivers.

However, we advise everyone to park in a legal way respecting not only the traffic regulations but to do it with a good grace.


Parking cannot develop into a street fight, aggressive behaviour, or dangerous driving. We reward drivers with safe parking spaces. Take a look at the opportunities offered by the EZ Parking Garages where parking is less of a fuss.

Our recommendation is to relax and book a space with us today.

Have you already booked?



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