This is how our magical drawing competition started and is now, just as in a fairy tale

The 2017 drawing competition’s beginning and ongoing features are similar to a fairy tale which tells the story of three wonderful boys.

Once upon a time when this was true, over the magical mountains, hills, and lakes, there was a legendary children empire, where three wonderful baby boys were born.

The oldest one became a traveller. He was visiting hundreds of wonders all around the world with his car and seen numberless magical places and miracles. He always wished to reserve the indescribable experiences he had.

The middle sibling has become a famous architect. He was designing spaces where people travelling by car could relax. Lots of lots of parking garages perfect for taking a short or long rest. Needless to say how successful he was! 

But, how can we fit thousands of cars just in one garage? - asks the youngest

I know what is missing! A magical parking garage! 

Let’s take a look what he has become…He is now an artist! His drawings are simply breathtaking. He imagines cheerful and colourful scenes. One day he said to his friends:

-        I will draw a beautiful world, for you, and just for you. You can take a look at it whenever you like!

-        Let’s organise a festival- he said.

A magical one where every children, kindergartener’s or pupil’s wish come into life through their drawings. To celebrate these drawings, this day shall become Budapest’s day! Let’s alert as many children as possible! The magical parking garage will be a children’s Hungarikum. The drawing competition’s flag has been pulled up now!

The magical parking garage theme is all about children. In 2016, we started with parking with the children’s eyes and now we are continuing with this new drawing competition! We have sent the invitations to as many children as possible in the district, and everyone else who lives in the capital, in the county, and even in the country.

We have informed them about the competition on colourful flyers and posters, mainly on the spots where children of age could see the details.

We wish to attract not only children but their families too who might like the idea and encourage their beloved kids to participate and therefore creating a wonderful and solidary group of people.

We are accepting the drawings by post and email and the creations could be made on any kind of material using any type of tool.

We are embracing individualism. The drawing could be done using paint, manga or anime style, as well as utilising different materials, or creatively capturing a scene.

We cannot wait for the new drawings within this framework.

The results will be announced on the previously set date, 17th of November, on the occasion of Budapest’s day.

For more information please visit site. Here you can find any additional info about the terms and conditions for the application and competition.

News, playful ideas, motivational advices, and so much more can also be found here. Above all, you can get to know the members of the jury, our promoters, and the prices for the participants.

If that would not satisfy all your enquiries you have the opportunity to get in contact with the organizers, and follow us on our social media pages.

Draw with us! Create and send in your magical drawing!

To support children’s creativity share the news with others so they can take part too!

I will draw a beautiful world, for you, and just for you. You can take a look at it whenever you like!

(from the lullaby- I will draw a beautiful world- Peter Mikola)

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