Announcement of the results of our drawing competition

The EZ Parking Garages have announced a car themed drawing competition for the first time this year: parking from a child’s perspective.

We have received almost 200 drawings.

All of the children who entered the competition presented parking through colourful graphic works, paintings, and other creative and expressive ways. They have animated some daily bygones, things they have seen, and some wishes pointing above them, as well as the possible ways of how we are going to park in the future. The everyday experience of figuring out where and how should someone leave their cars and what kind of environment makes the parents’ lives easier and happier when thinking about their questions about parking, can only be shown properly by children.

The ‘parking from a child’s perspective’ drawing competition only has winners; every one of the drawings made our hearts good. They have created friendly, colourful, and lively parking spaces for us where anyone would be more than pleased to leave their cars and book a spot where they are feeling good!

Each of the competitors deserves a huge applause!

The winner of the “parking from a child’s perspective” drawing competition: Peresztegi Hanna

 “She imagined a parking garage whit huge places to park and where the spots are separated by trees and flowers. All of the places are colourful and individually designed so everyone can park joyfully.”


We have distinguished the further winners to 3 age-groups:  from 4 to 14 year-olds:

1st place:
Rudl Hilda, Gesztei Diána, Balogh Borbála

2nd place:
Soós Janka, Tusnádi Gréta Eszter, Opor Anna Mária

3rd place:
Peresztegi Mirkó, Őze Virág, Héderváry Gergely

Winners of the EZ Garages special award:
Boros Illés, Stern Rebeka, Szabó Alex, Vékony Péter, Nógrádi Ágoston, Ceglédi Alexa

We offer our felicitations to all the winners!
You can watch the video about the winner selection by clicking here.


Everyone who has not been awarded now, created wonderful masterpieces as well. Stay tuned because the next round will be about their creations.

The prize will be transported to the hands of the winners soon. The winner's creation will be exhibited in the EZ Opera Parking Garage, and can be viewed by the general public for three months.

Shortly, we will give you a report on the result of the public voting too.

The received drawings will be uploaded to our website for a long period of time so everyone will be able to admire the outstanding works.

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