Mindenkinek meg kell néznie

Everyone has to see this
Where are you heading human?
Excellent theatre play with excellent actors.
Everyone has to see this. What can one expect if the enlightenment does not come or, in other words, how our everydays are defeating us unnoticeably.
Your last chance to view the play is on the 4th of April in the Central Theatre.
Drawing from the work of Mária Szepes, it is a musical with a fantastic mixture of dream and reality.
It leads the disappointed who blames others and drowning into self-pity out and up from this condition.
The main character re-lives his life’s most important steps and faces his own mistakes and failures.
During this self-recognising journey, he realises that he is the only person who could get him out of the walls he built, out from his own inner prison.
Will he succeed?
Although the issue is quite serious the play does not lack of joy and humour and the audience can easily relate to the presented life situations.
The EZ Parking Garages offer a 25% discount for the visitors of the Central Theatre.
In the Central Theatre ticket office, please ask for your receipt that can be validated in one of the EZ Parking Garages (see below) when you are using the automatic paying machine or at the reception.
The closest Garages to the Central Theatre:
EZ Opera Parking Garage, 9 Zichy Jenő street, 6th district, Budapest
EZ Székely Parking Garage, 3 Székely Mihály street, 6th district, Budapest
Don’t miss any of the great plays and leave your car in a safe place!
Central Theatre in the heart of Budapest. Exigent and unforgettable fun, substantial plays, well-known and popular actors.
18 Révay street, 6th district, Budapest

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