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Info Guide Magazine, Budapest
Would you like to park somewhere but find it a bit challenging in the downtown of Budapest?
If you choose the Care Park Parking Garages you can explore the amazing Hungarian royal capital and enjoy relaxing parking at the same time!
Start your visit to Budapest with us!
Please bring your copy of the Info Guide Touristic Magazine with the voucher inside!
This will entitle you to enjoy discounted parking in any of the EZ Parking Garages.
You can find the Info Guide Magazine:
at the Budapest Info Pont offices, the Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Hop On Hop Off sightseeing buses, Legend sightseeing boats, embassies, hotels, and expat events.
Arrive to your parking space safely and in the most convenient way possible.
Whilst at Budapest, make sure you leave time to actually get to know the city which has a history dating back to the Roman period.
Let’s start your holiday at Budapest!
In the near, enjoy the majestic cathedral of St. Stephen’s Basilica from the outside and the inside where breath-taking crystal windows, amazing artefacts, famous organ concerts, and a 96m tall impressive dome awaits. From the Basilica’s dome, offering a place for up to 8500 people, there is a full panorama view to the capital city. The best panorama pictures were taken here!
Walk on the Andrassy street, take a look at the Opera House and get into line for a guided tour inside! The building has been opened solemnly in 1884 in the presence of Jozsef Ferenc emperor and can allocate 1261 people.
The Andrassy street goes along the centre of Budapest. A visit here cannot be complete without seeing the Okotogon square, Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, Kiraly street, and Terror House.
It is equally unmissable to walk through the Chain bridge over the Danube and to see the Parliament facing the royal castle.
Our Parliament building is 268 m long and has 691 rooms which makes it the third biggest in the world. The more than 40kg of gold decoration is also worth mentioning.
This, not surprisingly, is one of the most photographed places in Budapest.
The Care Park Parking Garages wish you a truly unforgettable and relaxing holiday!

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