Drawing competition

Magical Car Parking!
Drawing competition for kids aged 6-14
Discover car parking, implement your cocoon, your home,
Your car park for your car,
Parking place where you can go!
Cityscapes beautifull children's drawing contest, parking!
Make scenes, express your own story,
Where did he cut off the car? Where will your station be?
Being a placement, be creative, creative, positive thinking.
Talk to a future, land!
Park your way down a renewing, bold creature!
Become adventurous, courageous, in a spaceport!
How does the drawing contest work?
Send your work by October 31st!
November 17, 2010, the professional jury selects the best of many artworks,
You can win a Super MTB bicycle as a winner!
This is the day we announce the 1st II. And third place finishers and one more prize winner.
All received childrens charts are detailed, evaluable, by age group categories.
Drawings can include blade, watercolor, tempera, crayon, digital drawing and other creative rendering
On the back of the drawings, please give the name of the drawing child, age,
Preparatory parent / teacher availability, school, nursery name
We are waiting for the drawings of children, EZ Parking Garages, 1066 Budapest, Zichy Jenő 9. Address,
Or digitized,
Send info@ezpark.hu to email address!
We will charge all received drawings!
Children's Drawings will invite us to the future!
Kids in their drawings show their dreams!
How important are the gently protected childhood dreams?
Let us, therefore, allow them to display dreams, magical car park with drawing competition
Get ready for the racing adventure!
On our website we keep track of the event

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